Truth about lies
Truth about lies


Those of you who have always been perplexed, regarding the operational apparatus of the Trump Cover-up, the mystery has been resolved. The simple truth is always debunked by morons.

The obsession to call a routinelooking photograph A-I generated has stretched the artificialintelligence world imagination. For example, "social media sleuths noted still other AI-generated tells, such as the overly shiny and smooth skin and hair texture on both Trump and the girl, which gives them an almost cartoonish quality."

Trump's cartoon quality is very real and all you have to do to figure that out is to compare his official 50th birthday party photo with the clown equivalent.

Beware when the media uses "sleuths" to debunk the obvious.

Multiple computer science experts told USA TODAY the image was generated by artificial intelligence. Trump's appearance in the image does not match his likeness in real footage from 1989.

It appears that if mutiple sources repeat the same bullshit, we are supposed to buy it. But here's the final analysis; a picture from Trump's 50th, birthday, and if that is not a clear match to Trump's clown-like face, I rest my case -it must be a body double.

In the meantime, how many times did Trump have sex with that little girl and was she murdered to conceal the fact? That appears to match everything we know about Trump and his kind, doesn't it?


And what do you know, it's the very same, demented man in both photographs, standing beside women he raped and thinking he can get away with it. It's time for that to end, once and for all.



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